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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


have you ever wonder why we have never been playing scenario before... some says that playing scenario is boring.. you play all day, crawl, run, leeches and etc.. but some says that scenario play is more fun and excite than playing speedball...
The army style fighting plus all the strategies involve makes us looks like RAMBO... what ever people out there are thinking, the most important is which type of game do you want to play.. which is more fun for you.. that's what important...

when you think bout it... it's not about the fancy gear, the ultimate gear or even the strategy use...

what most important when you playing paintball is 'TEAMWORK'.... whether you're in up or down situation.. never give up on your buddy... 'TEAMWORK' is the best weapon anybody can have so use it always...

okay... you have all the fancy gears, the TEAM, the captain now.... you must be thinking that scenario only plays in the jungle where we always think about ourselves as 'SOLDIER OF MISFORTUNE'... well if we think back.. there's many ways we can play scenario... for example in the building...

or even at a deserted land that as you can see, Malaysia doesn't have one... huhuhu

but then some people might think..
'maybe i should play in the cave or something.. must be cool'.....

either way.. we are all connected to a brotherhood of paintball which means.. we walk as we walk and we talk as we talk and we play as we play....
peace all brother and sister of paintballers.....

scene from 'we were soldiers'.......

::: Ego 09 :::

for more details

Ego Brochure http://www.planeteclipse.com/egogeo/ego_brochure.html

planet eclipse http://www.planeteclipse.com

Monday, October 27, 2008

::: Its EarLy MorNinG :::

Hello guys...

Its 4.50 a.m. already...but,then...I juz cant sleep..*sigh
So,than i 'golek2' on my bed..better i cheer this page wif sumthing rite??

actually..i juz saw the 'folder' of pics of us at NPL 08 at Dataran Pahlawan..
suddenly remembering bout the coming grand final NPL at PJ, rite guys?
are we going???

-this vid is viewed from east side mamlopez side..but still the great game from you all guys-

for our 1st game on the 1st day at the 1st field...
that was the great game for that morning..!!!
that exciting,rite..??!;-)

whatever it was..keep it on guys!!!
enjoy the vid!!!

last but not least..
happy deepavali and happy holiday..
to whom celebrate this festival...

Pixel Code Graphics

and for those not in holiday..
juz work hard and dont 'curi2 tulang' okay...';-P

not forgetting..
for those who will sit
their coming final exam..
good luck and all the best..!!!

More GOODLUCK graphics

More GOODLUCK graphics

Friday, October 24, 2008

facelift logo-updated

aku byk plak keje ari ni..
masa aku terhad sket utk pikir..
korg bg idea sket nk tmbh ape lg..
aku kasi yg aku sempat edit dulu..
nnt aku smbung blk..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anyone can edit this Pic to a Logo??

imagine the beauty of the dragon with a spunky militia name position on the chest of every spunky that ever battle in a cold war of Paintball....
Nice!!! Anyone??

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cyborg RX

new for 09... hhmmm...

Planet Eclipse 09

Hi Bros & Sistas

take a look at the latest PE 09 jersey n pants...
what do you all think?... shud we get a set?...hehehe...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

sumthin that we doesn't have yet..part 2

nice color

The Proto Matrix 8 includes an ergonomically designed Ultralite™ frame. Like the DM8 , the PM8 has an hourglass shape that allows maximum control and comfort.

The integrated heads-up display alerts you to the status of your marker. The new smaller, lighter Hyper3 In-Line Air Regulator is standard on the Proto Matrix 8. This new regulator provides higher flow, more consistency, better ergonomic grip and smoother velocity adjustment. The LPR smaller than previous Proto Matrix models and is vertically adjustable. The bolt kit operating pressure 10% lower than previous Proto Matrix models, which increases the PM8’s number of shots per tank.


01 : Adjustable Locking Feed Neck
02 : Matching 2-Piece Proto Ba rrel
03 : Self-Cleaning Anti-Chop Break Beam Eye System
04 : Compa ct and Lightweight Body Styling
05 : Stamp ed Metal Insert Logo
06 : Proven FUSE ™ Bolt System
07 : More than 10% Lower Op erating Pressure
08 : Smaller LPR. Now with Vertical Adjustment
09 : Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity and Rate of Fire
10 : Ultralite™ Ergonomic 45-Grip Frame
11 : New Hyper3™ In-line Air Regulator
12 : Program Control with Four Tournam ent Modes
13 : Proto On/Of Bottom-Line

so spunkyszz made up your choice...

coming soon the REDZ ION..special edition

Hi to all spunkyzz...
just wanna say TQ to NPL for putting a link to out blog on their official NPL website...
and also please do check out werdnahol's new online shop... the prices are unbelievable!!!
frankly... the best low-down prices I've seen yet around here...

Friday, October 17, 2008

sumthin that we don't have yet..

smartpart shocker NXT

some review of this "thing"

The new Shocker NXT builds on world-class tournament proven performance of the Shocker SFT with new features designed hand in hand with Smart Parts sponsored teams and professional players.

Few names are associated with as many paintball tournament wins as that of the Shocker. Through the Shocker 4x4, Turbo and SFT some of the best players in the world have stood on the awards podium with a Shocker by their side. With the advent of the Shocker SFT the Shocker took on a whole new look with a sleek, compact and lightweight design that delivered jaw dropping rates of fire. Now the Shocker NXT takes the name one step further.
Built on Shocker SFT technology the new Shocker NXT incorporates features that were developed and tested on custom markers built for Smart Parts sponsored teams.

  • Break Beam Vision - The latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated into the Shocker NXT body with no external wires or wire covers running from the grip to the eyes.
  • Integrated Air Rail - Loose the drop forward and even the rail adapter. The integrated rail system allows 3/8" inch dovetail air system accessories to mount directly to the grip frame, or use traditional inline mounting screws.
  • Rail Mounted on/off ASA - Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life. The easy to clean and rebuild design means a lifetime of reliable operation.
  • Feature Packed Grip Frame - A built in snatch grip and expanded trigger guard with huge finger space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit board and on/off button easier to change yet more secure. Recessed frame screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner look.
  • New Regulator - The new Shocker NXT regulator offers increased flow rate for maximum velocity stability.
  • Sculpted, Rebuild-able Ball Detent Assemblies - Left and right spring loaded ball detent assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the body

Smart Parts NXT Shocker Features:

  • New look with multi-axis milling
  • Break-beam Vision
  • Stronger feedneck threading
  • Impulse/Ion barrel threading
  • Integrated air system rail
  • Increased vertical regulator flow rate and consistency
  • High Efficiency Bolt/Valve assembly
  • Integrated, removable snatch grip
  • Four point, externally adjustable trigger
  • Threaded trigger and circuit board mount pins
  • Forward offset vertical regulator mount
  • Trigger guard with increased fingerspace
  • Sculpted plunger style dual ball detent assemblies
  • Harder anodized finish
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Threaded Trigger and Board Pins for easy installation
  • Newly designed feedneck for added strength
  • Smart Parts On/Off ASA

The last feature on the list should be one of the most prominent. Shocker NXT main assemblies are backwards compatible, providing an upgrade path for Shocker NXT owners instead of obsolescence.

so how about this "thing"..interesting or not....
next review the PM8....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


cool gear
nice huh.......

how about this

see this super nice n cool gears...picture this one of the spunkyszzz wear custom spunky xsv edition...be the 1st in ASIA...in ASIA u know!!!!!!!...no team wear this gear yet..u wanna it spunkyszzz..??
so now save up money, coz spunkyszz WILL be wearing this for 2009 season...
want it..?????

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Layout Field NPL The GranD FiNaLe' 08

MY-NPL '08 (Event 5) The Grand Finale

Venue: MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 1st & 2nd November 2008

layout field..